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Here at PACS Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, LLC, we provide adjusting and consultancy services that are right for you. We are a licensed public adjuster based in Atlanta, GA, offering our hand to helping those who are having a difficult time claiming their insurances in full.

Bruce Fredrics, Expert, and the team of Experts understand how hard it is to be a victim of an unfortunate event. It’s not enough that one is able to regain his or her composure after a terrible event. Practically speaking, one would sometimes need the aid of benefits such as insurances to get back on one’s feet and continue on. Let us help you out and we guarantee that your insurance claim is paid in full.

Don't let others low ball you for your insurance; you deserve a lot more. Partner with us today and claim the insurance you deserve. Call PACS Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, LLC today. You can also leave us a message with the form provided for you. You can also send us an email. Our friendly staff is more than willing to help you out. PACS Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, LLC, your partner in adjusting services.