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Our company is a member of the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA), which is comprised of not only public insurance adjusters in Atlanta, GA but also in the entirety of the state. We are all licensed professionals who aim to protect those who have incurred insured property losses. We work on behalf of policy holders to ensure that their rights are protected and that they receive the best compensation from their insurance carriers in the case of insured loss. GAPIA also have attorneys, contractors, and the like who offer insights to the industry professionals who assist and represent policyholders.

Information becomes available periodically as developments in claims practices and the Courts influence the practice of consumer representation of policyholders’ insurance claims.

Informative facts will be updated upon publication.

5 Types of Insurance You Should Have

We never know what’s around the corner. From sudden and swooping natural disasters, to man-made accidents or intentional dastardly acts, the universe can throw some pretty unsettling surprises at you. Don’t let a difficult insurance claims process be one of your problems. We, at Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service LLC, provide top-of-the-line claims adjustment and […]

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What Should Be Your Next Step After a Denied Property Insurance Claim?

If your home has been damaged, there is no denying that it can be overwhelming and stressful. What could make things even worse is if your insurance claim is denied. If this happens, you’d end up worrying on where to get the funds to pay for repairs and what your next move would be. If […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Professional Adjusting & Consulting Service, we get asked several questions such as claims, insurance policies, and hiring a public adjuster in Atlanta, GA. As professional public adjusters, we are fully prepared to help you with whatever you might be facing. To further understand, here are a few common questions that we will start digging […]

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Signs of when to Hire a Public Adjuster and Insurance Appraiser Services

Property owners who experience damage or loss often find themselves in a stressful situation. A fire, flood, winter storm, hurricane, earthquake, or any other natural disaster can quickly turn your life upside down in a flash. Unfortunately, after these natural disasters occur, they lead to complex insurance claims and repairs. As an insured policyholder, you […]

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