What Should Be Your Next Step After a Denied Property Insurance Claim?

If your home has been damaged, there is no denying that it can be overwhelming and stressful. What could make things even worse is if your insurance claim is denied. If this happens, you’d end up worrying on where to get the funds to pay for repairs and what your next move would be. If you have a denied property insurance claim, your best option is to get in touch with a reputable public adjuster in Atlanta, GA. Our team at Professional Adjusting Consulting Services can take a look at your damages and claim in order to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

If your claim was denied by your insurance company, then it is important to take your next step as soon as possible. Despite it being turned down, this does not mean you should resign to your plight or that you have no other recourse and that this is the end of the line. One of the main duties of a public adjuster in Atlanta, GA is to reopen denied and underpaid claims and at Professional Adjusting Consulting Services, we can look into the damage and see if your claim can be reopened. To further understand why your claim might have been denied could be due to not filing on time, being behind on your premiums, giving inaccurate statements, or not having enough documentation.

Unfortunately, insurance companies pay as little as possible for claims, thus, it isn’t wise to trust someone from the insurance company to help you out. Leave it to them and you’ll find yourself with either an underpaid or a denied claim. This is how it will end up for you if you do not get the assistance of a public adjuster. To make the most out of your claim, even after it is denied or underpaid, there is still something that can be done about it. A public adjuster will be able to document the damages, assess the extent of damage with measuring devices, obtain accurate estimates for repair, refile your claim on your behalf, and negotiate with your insurer for your best interest.

While the process of reopening a denied or underpaid claim can be complicated, public adjusters are familiar with the process and can help you make the most out of your claim. Understanding the tricks and techniques insurance companies try to use when denying claims, they have a few tricks of their own, knowing what steps to take to fight back. When you hire a personal or private public adjuster that does not work for the insurance company, they will be able to get you the best possible settlement.

Many people assume that when a claim is closed, it is too late to do anything about it. Not true. With a professional Georgia public adjuster from our team at Professional Adjusting Consulting Services, you can expect us to fight hard for what belongs to you, what you are entitled to. We process any and all types of property claims and we have a history of winning. The sooner you call us, the better. For more information, contact us at 470-222-0912 or email